Our partners

LGBT Talents enjoys the trust of prestigious partners who help us create a more inclusive work environment.


Why choose LGBT Talents?

A unique moment to exchange with a community of students and alumni from various backgrounds with the most promising careers. As well as theopportunity to increase the sensitivity and commitment of your employees to diversity issues, around aroundtable and workshops dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within your company. Finally, an afternoon of conferences to gain a better understanding of LGBT+ issues in the workplace.

1 objective, 4 types of events


A full day in French and English of conferences, workshops, testimonies of inspiring role models and enriching the debate. An opportunity to recruit or be recruited by our partners.


A videoconference on a given theme, related to the fight against discrimination in the workplace, with speakers who are experts in their field, in order to address topics other than strictly LGBT+ in an intersectional perspective.


Thematic afterworks, in person, to facilitate exchanges between our partners and our participants in a friendly manner in a space that is specifically dedicated to us.


A training of several days or a specific awareness depending on your sector of activity and the state of your company or organization in terms of inclusion and diversity (LGBT+, M/F equality…) within your company or your institution.